Day 204 – Catan Again

We used to play Catan a lot on Wednesdays.
It has been a while.

Plain Settlers
Plain Settlers

We used to play it with All The Expansions, because if X is a good thing, then All-The-X is even better. It plays a lot quicker when you’ve just got 3 players and the base set only.

It was fun.
But I won, so I might be biased.

Now my brain needs to switch off.
(It may already have… goodnight)

Oh, also… for the observant… we had to improvise on the robber because for some reason the shrink-wrapped box came without the appropriate piece. The role of the robber was played by a nice black nail polish for the occasion.

One thought on “Day 204 – Catan Again”

  1. For those that are interested, it is Sinful Colours Spiked Ice, a LE festive polish of black gloss bar glitter in a clear base. Not quite as good as the real thing, but a lovely little multitasker at the very least 🙂

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