Day 214 – Winners

All the recipe suggestions I received sounded delicious in their own way… with maybe one or two illustrious exceptions.

The following two recipes are the winning suggestions though:

  • Sin with her Port Poached Pear. Vanilla base, with chunks of poached pear & a thick caramel-consistency port syrup swirled through it.
    I’ve never tried a swirl through ice cream so that’ll take some experimentation; I can’t wait to report on how it turns out.
  • Peter with his Amaretto Liqueur and Anzac biscuits.
    I am proposing a substitution of Bitterkoekjes for the biscuits to add a bit of Dutch interest into the mix.

I want to give all the runners-up something for participating though, so I intend to make the following flavours to gift to those that proposed them (at my earliest convenience, which may take a while between all my other obligations; please be patient!):

  • Abbey with her Carrot Cake ice cream, although I’ll have to get a few more details about how that’d exactly work first before I can make it.
  • Lauren with her Chocolate, Fruchocs (whatever they are) and a swirl of liqueur. Maybe Brandy? Unless Fruchocs go better with something else.
  • Christina with her Watermelon, Lychee, Peach and Mango. This sounds very much like a candidate for a sorbet to me.
  • Jonathan with his Nyan Cat Hairball. I haven’t been able to get the suggestion out of my brain since he made it. His other suggestion was more of an in-joke I think.
  • Amelia with her Elberberry Flower & Lime. Which once again sounds like a sorbet with such delicate flavours.
  • Ken with his Peanut Butter & Honey, or possibly the Pavlova with Passionfruit ripple. I also have to make the Anchovy Ripple, but that’s just a long overdue in-joke, so that can keep till all the others have been made.

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