Day 221 – Today’s Recipes

Technically speaking, neither of the mixtures I prepared today qualify to be called ice cream as such.

First experiment was Banana-Froyo, just out of curiosity for how well it’d work. Simply tip a tub of 5AM Vanilla into machine. Let run for 20 minutes. Slice one banana into small pieces. Mix banana in. Let run for another 20 minutes. Done!

This recipe worked out really well, and is very low-effort.

Second experiment was the Elderflower/Lime Sorbet suggestion from the competition. I’m not sure how it worked out yet; sorbets are a little tricky. Create 1l of Elderflower cordial mixture, using about 150-200ml of cordial syrup. Squeeze and strain two limes into the mixture. Put into machine. Let run for about 60 minutes.

Sorbets like this do not set as well as I’d like. At some point the entire contents end up rotating with the paddle, meaning not a lot of mixing is going on. It tends to leave residue of unfrozen mixture.

Still, taste-test of the mixture have proven it has a nice flavour.
I just keep my fingers crossed it sets in the freezer in a fashion that is still scoop-able.