Day 232 – Inbetween Machines

Dell outdid themselves. Under-promise, over-deliver, indeed!
They quoted me 5-6 business days from the Outlet Store when I placed my order on Monday. This Wednesday evening I’m in possession of a shiny new XPS 15 (slightly refurbished (allegedly, because I cannot tell that it’s ever been out of its box before)).

Between the arrival of a new laptop and the usual Wednesday festivities it’s already very late as I write this, so I’m going to keep it brief. The only things I will say is: 15″ laptop looks huge after using 11″ for such a long time, and Cards Against Humanity remains the most inappropriate party game ever invented.

Hopefully I can manage to consolidate all my personal computing into this one new machine over the weekend.
And try a game or two, to see how it performs, since that’s been the biggest wild-card in the whole decision.