Day 251 – Downpour

I considered not going in this morning. I woke up with a seized-up left shoulder; I’m pretty sure I did that in the last hour of my sleep because I remember being okay the last time I rolled over before waking up. Agony!

Today however our new(ish) CIO was supposed to come to the office for another visit, and there was a celebration for a major project that was completed exceptionally successfully. I felt an obligation to be in. And for the most part it wasn’t actually too bad. By about noon my shoulder was mostly easing up.

The mid-morning celebration for the project had involved copious quantities of pastries and snacks, so I was not feeling too hungry. However, when my fellow-manager was heading out for lunch I thought it might be wise to get some opportunistic food as well. I hadn’t intended to head out, but with the downpour outside I couldn’t make him walk through the rain, so we drove.

As bad as the rain was on the way out, it was worse on the way back in.

I don’t mind rain. There is nothing better than getting drenched on the way home to a nice hot shower.

There is nothing worse than spending an afternoon in drenched demin. While it was wet, it was freezing my legs to the bones. When it started to dry, it felt like sandpaper against my legs. There is really no winning with wet demin. Luckily I had my superfluous gym-bag with me, because switching t-shirts felt really good. Last thing I’d want with my sprained back is the start of a cough.

I think tomorrow I’ll bring a home-made lunch to protect my back.