Day 258 – No Sprain, No Gain

I made it back to the gym!

It felt great!

Until it was over; then I felt a bit worn. And now I feel exactly how it feels to not have been to the gym properly for 2-3 weeks. But that’s also a good feeling in its own way. Nothing quite like heavy weary legs to feel I’ve done what needs doing.

I was expecting to have to go much easier on my shoulder tonight. It’s been getting sore overnight, and tingling arm when I’ve slept on my left side. Instead it seems like the exercise did my shoulder some good.

I wasn’t sure if my form was okay, but Nikki assures me I was as straight as I always am. I put a little less weight on the upper-body exercises, but not that much less once I felt it was going okay. I’ll see how it feels tomorrow. My abs are liking this work-out less than my shoulder actually.

I was hoping to think through some complex thoughts tonight, but the brain-fog has got me bad. I cannot quite focus. But that too is relaxing.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to properly separate my work day from my home day.

Next time I hope my home day is a bit more productive.

With a functioning brain.