Day 263 – Entertainment Stacks

Today I have been consumed with media cataloguing. I used to keep a Wunderlist instance with movies and series that we already own and intend to own. The one draw-back of using a to-do list for this, is that “ticking off” items does not result in meaningful behaviour in that context.

After a lot of hemming and hawing I decided to give Google Docs a try. A simple spread-sheet would surely do the trick. It got a little fancier than I had anticipated.

Stacks of Moves and Series
Stacks of Moves and Series

My memories of Google Sheets was hazy, and I was prepared to settle for a simple list of titles, a little meta-data, and an indication of whether the item was already bought or not.

Then my sense of exploration, and my management-induced Excel knowledge started leading me down a path of validation and conditional formatting. I now have greyed-out titles for items that are already bought, red warnings on meta-data that is missing from items that have been bought, columns to log Amazon/eBay pricing so that if I am in JB HiFi I can spot the actual bargains.

On top of that, the “Filter View” functionality is very helpful for flicking quickly between the list of “owned” and “not-yet-owned” items. Sadly, this feature does not exist in the Android version of Google Drive yet.

And that brings me to the final critical point; this sheet is very usable even on my tiny Android screen. I pinned it to the device so it keeps an offline copy synced in case I lose signal in the back of JB HiFi, and scrolling through the list of 900+ titles is actually very snappy.

Now I just need to have a hunt around the house, because although I think I’ve piled up all the discs, there is a conspicuous absence of “Modern Family” and “Sherlock”… there must be a few more discs hiding out somewhere.