Day 266 – 100 Secret Tips that Could Kill You if you Read This Post!

100 – 100 Free Blog Tips and Blog Help Every Blogger Should Read

Today I is learning. Better blogging, here I come! I’m a mere 100 tips away from rolling in my very own pile of blogging-money. Wish me luck!

3. Choose a narrow topic and stay focused on your niche

Am I narrow enough?
If not I can work a little harder at the gym.
Maybe I can focus on just a part of my personality instead if all of myself and my life is too broad. I could dedicate the next 99 posts to just my sense of self-worth.

19. Edit the images on your blog to make them more unique and visually appealing


Put A Bird On It!
Put A Bird On It!


24. Learn the most important unwritten rules of blogging

Clearly this section is not going to be any help with that.

31. Write great blog post titles that people want to click


…okay, but I’m not sure if that’d be considered false advertising.

41. Follow a blog posting schedule that will help you reach your goals



73. Use keywords in your blog posts to get more search traffic

Let’s check out what has gotten caught in the stats-lint-trap over the past year.

Jerryjvl the flying squirrel loves Surfers Paradise by night. The Gold Coast of Australia is the best place at night to check your weight in the morning versus the evening. (ed: Something about tidal forces, maybe?)

Signs of stupid people include inability to talk without flapping your arms around, wouldn’t you agree “the day of the doctor”? I often have dream arguments like that with sally louise hately (how did people find my blog trying to find a pole-dancer!?).

Today was almost a disaster day with gmail things going into spam that are not spam as xkcd has explained. Often the problems will continue without michel’s patisserie. Or otherwise a female armour problem.

I cannot say that I’ve got fitbit flex mildew in the band, but then I wash mine regularly, despite my spotify test account that I set up with non-transitive dice.

Proto ice-cream, jaymes diaz, reflection performance, qnap chromecast, squaffins, games.

Also: viagra*.

So, there!

92. Decide if selling merchandise on your blog is a good fit for you

I really don’t think t-shirts with my face would sell.

*not an actual search term that found my blog, but here’s to hoping!

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