Day 282 – Novel

84 – 100 Best Novels

I like reading.
I used to read a lot more than I do now.

My routine used to involve reading a few chapters every night before falling asleep. More than once I have seen the light go on again outside when I hadn’t slept yet. The most seductive thought ever is “one more chapter won’t hurt; it’s not that late yet, and you really want to know what happens next, don’t you?”

I think work and life have conspired to deprive me of that routine. I cannot complain about what has taken the time instead, but still… I miss the reading.

Most of the reading I do at the moment happens when I am waiting for a plane, on a plane, or in Melbourne after dinner by myself in the hotel room with 2 hours to kill between 10pm and midnight. When all you have is a book, reading is what you do. Mostly.

I really love my Kindle as a vehicle for my reading. My love of reading has always seen me carrying too many books around in the past. The number of times I’d pack 3-4 hefty books on a holiday “just in case”… only to never open more than a few chapters of the first one…

With a Kindle that problem disappears. I have essentially my whole library with me if I want to.

But every upside is a downside in disguise.

I have read Ice and Fire for a while now. Without my pre-sleep routine of reading a few chapters, it has been a long slog getting through the books. I also made the mistake of purchasing the first five volumes in a single e-Book… so that percentage counter in the bottom has gone painfully slowly.

But I am winning. 95% now. Not long.

And then what?

I’m not quite sure what to read next. It has been so long since I’ve had to choose a book to read, that I cannot recall what books I have been excited about in the last two years.

The list in the link at the top might give me some ideas.

Although it’ll be a cold day in hell when I’ll actually be interested in reading Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead. They are educational, but not in a good way.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually read Catch-22, or Lord of the Flies, or The Catcher in the Rye. Maybe now is a good time. I may have to be a little careful about which classics I read after each other though. I wouldn’t want to give the NSA the wrong impression, now would I?

It’s been some time since I read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. That might be a good one to intersperse the other titles with. That’ll cover the next 2 years at least.