Day 295 – Not Quite Real

71 – The 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

As always, Wednesday is my hectic day at work. It is my own fault; I’ve put all my one-on-one catch-ups on the same single day. It’s just that Wednesday is a perfect mid-point to the week where enough has happened to evaluate where we are, and enough time is left to act on any decisions we make. I know Manager-Tools canon suggests Thursday as ideal, but I think they might be wrong 😉

Between all the work there was a lunch at The Sherlock, dragging along a Test Manager on his Melbourne trip. We’re always trying to convince others of the wonders of a good pub lunch.

And tonight I brought two more converts into the fold with 11″ Pizza. After three pizzas for three managers we decided that deciding on dessert was all too hard and picked two dessert pizzas as well. We had Banana-and-Butterscotch and Chocolate-with-crumbed-Pistachio for dessert. I am full to a level of no-regrets. And it didn’t actually cost all that much either. 11″ Pizza is a well-hidden “secret” just off Little Collins Street.

Dinner was a relatively quick affair as well, so being back in my hotel room at 8pm with no pressing matters on my plate, I picked one of the 100-item-links that I thought might take a bit more time.

Out of the 100 movies, I’ve seen 59. I think I can do better. And especially some of the older titles earlier in the list look like they might be very interesting. I will have to add a few more entries to my shopping list.

A lot of the higher ranked titles are sadly also much more mainstream and commercial.

“Dark City” is a great example of a novel concept executed well; the effects are a little cheesy at the end, but that is easily forgiven in light of earlier scenes of people being reset and the world rearranging itself like a puzzle-box.

“Cube” is another favourite of mine, although I’m not getting much support from my friends on this. The simplest of sets and a minimal cast woven into a very compelling story of torture, betrayal and survival. “Cube 2” was a little more Sci-Fi and I think it might have taken it a bit too hi-tech. I have yet to see “Cube Zero”, as soon as I locate a copy.

“eXistenZ” … I’m not quite sure what to do with this one. It has something, but I am not sure how to classify it. It starts, then a lot of very weird stuff happens, and then it finishes. I’m not sure what genre that is exactly.

I do want to make it my mission to see the remaining 41 titles on the list though. Because the titles I have seen give me enough respect for the quality of the list as a whole that I want to fill in the gaps left in my education.