Day 304 – Stealing? Really?

62 – Take it Back! 100 Tips to Defeat Content Thieves

Maybe I’m too small to care, but I just don’t.
Ask me again when I have gazillions of readers (but I might still not care).

Google already does a pretty good job at penalising those that try to do the wrong thing. They de-duplicate search results and have a good track record at selecting the right authoritative site, and when they don’t you can report mistakes. Spammy comments are also being used as a negative signal to page ranking, and apparently this is working so well that some companies are asking for spam comments to be removed again because of the damage they are doing to their brand.

Maybe there’s a business model in that.
How much could I charge companies to remove spam links again after I allow them through?

But back to “piracy”; being read is more valuable to me than where the reading is happening anyway. It’s not like I’m advertising anything other than myself. That’s the luxury of a personal blog.

I also have to suppress the knee-jerk reflex to yell at the screen that “copying isn’t theft”, but for one thing that argument never convinced anyone any way, and for another yelling at my computer achieves even less.

I guess I should disclaimer that this is by no means a waiver renouncing my copyrights in this material either. The law is a tricky thing.