Day 305 – What Are Your 100 Things?

61 – My 100 Things

Bucket lists are a little morbid by definition, but that doesn’t make them a bad idea. While looking around for a suitable list to link to today, I actually found a do-your-own-bucket-list site, and I created one. It was a lot harder than I expected to get a good list of a hundred.

The first problem finding inspiration on the Internet was the sheer volume of trite suggestions; I didn’t want to drown my list in travel destinations and activities. It’s fine to have a few travel goals, but I thought that sticking to a few specifics, and one general “All Continents” was nicer.

Some other lists went entirely to the polar opposite for a new problem. I really do not think that “Walking on the Moon” is likely to be attainable. I didn’t want to add any item to my list I wouldn’t have at least some opportunity to make.

And surprisingly, another problem were the suggestions that I’ve already ticked off. I’ve lived in another country and spoken another language for a long time now. My health and well-being are in a very good place now. I can probably still play an instrument with a bit of a refresher. I’ve built some things, learned some things, and done a fair bit of trekking around.

Still, I think I managed to come up with a nicely mixed list of easy goals, stretch goals, and really tough goals.

I had to add “Drive a Ferrari”, because although it’s a bit common, it’s also an item that by law has to appear. Where else I have picked other common items, I have tried to add a more specific twist to them.

Others are more complicated than they look on their surface; saying “Getting an Erdos-Bacon Number” rolls nicely off the tongue, but it actually involves publishing a scientific paper and being in a movie. Thankfully, not concurrently.

And then the completely un-quantifiable, and almost-disqualified-because-of-it, “Discover Something Nobody Knows”. If I make this one it will almost certainly be by complete accident. That’s how these things go.

If you have any other great/wild ideas for items that should be in my list, please leave a comment. Or better yet, set up a 100 Things Account yourself, and connect with me.

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