Day 314 – Glaze the Lot!

52 – 100 Ways to Cook with BBQ Sauce

I’m fairly certain we have a barbecue in the yard somewhere. It’s not my barbecue; technically it’s Abbey’s. She has however managed to craftily avoid using it so far, having found willing victims in myself, Callan and Ken.

I am really not much of a BBQ chef. It’s not that I can’t. It’s not that I won’t. I just do not have BBQ in my veins. Not the way Australians or Texans do.

Sadly the season for BBQ is over again already, so it is really too late to do anything about the recipes in today’s link now. But it’s never too late to prepare for next year. It probably combines well with planning a cocktail party as a first step towards one of my 100 Things goals.

And who can resist, when they open the bidding with a home-made BBQ sauce.
Strawberry BBQ.
I’m not even joking.

I think that there might be room in next summer for an all-BBQ-all-the-time party. Home-made BBQ sauces… check. BBQ glazed everything… check. Home-made BBQ potato chips… check.

I wonder if I have a connection in the BBQ business somewhere?

I really need some tweaks to the kitchen though.