Day 316 – Party Reno

50 – 100 Quick and Easy Ways to Freshen Your Home

Sadly, doing the kitchen will only lead to more work though before we can have a party.

The rest of the house really needs ridding of the horrible carpet that I’ve tried to keep not-too-indecent for far too long. We intend to get bamboo flooring instead. Initially we were looking at carbonized bamboo cut along the grain for a nice dark coffee-tone floor that will be a hell of a lot easier to keep clean of hairballs and mishaps.

There is really only so many times I can wash the carpets before I have to declare defeat. We have really never cared too much about the carpet; spills never result in a rush for cleaning products, because “we’ll get rid of the carpet soon enough“. Yeah. Easier said than done as it turns out. And at this point it’s just embarrassing when having new visitors over.

Alongside that, the side-room / guest-room really needs de-cluttering and re-bedding. Currently this room is where everything goes we want to forget about. It’s a kind of modern-day Oubliette. Most of its contents just need giving away or selling on eBay.

And there are some further furniture improvements I intend to make as well.

The lounge in the living room has been molested too often by the cats to fit a modern party-friendly décor. It can go into the garage once we can find a suitable replacement for it. And I need to find a deal on two Aeron chairs for the study. With the amount of sitting I do in here, investing in a top-notch chair is not uncalled for.

And if the laundry goes we also need to clear out the garage, paint the slab and make some form of cattery with litter tray out there, with an access hatch for the cats to be able to duck out when they need to. There is no way I want a litter-tray in the open inside the house.

So, at a wild stab in the dark, maybe $20-25k should do the trick.

How hard could it possibly be?
Please don’t answer that.

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