Day 317 – Wine-Me-Up

49 – 100 Best Australian Wines

I miss the Hunter Valley.
I miss the Clare Valley.
I miss the whatever-the-Victorian-equivalent-is Valley.

I love going wine tasting. There’s nothing better than getting away from home, staying away from the city for a weekend, and slowly getting plastered on a large number of small doses of wine.

I cannot recall exactly when I last was in wine-country. I think it was when my parents last visited Australia. I’m not even going to do the math to find out how deprived I am now. The answer is: Very.

Typically I don’t even come back with too much wine as such. I tend to favour the fortified wine when shopping in the Valleys. It just feels like better value than the wine. To stock my wine rack I tend to go to Grays Online and buy in bulk. Getting dozens of mystery wine at about $5 a bottle seems a better gamble; if it’s undrinkable there is little lost by pouring it down the drain. And I have scored some really great wines that way in the past. In aggregate I end up ahead… and I like the surprise of not quite knowing what I’m going to get.

Trips to wine country are as such not so much about stocking up my 120 bottle cellar, as they are about the experience and the atmosphere.

And then there is The Smelly Cheese Shop, which neatly answers the question: “Why, I have this bottle of wine here, what on earth could I possibly eat with it?” It’s a surprise I come back from these trips without suffering a heart attack.

I do need to find an opportunity to visit Victorian wine country though. I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never been. So far most of the time I’ve ever spent in Victoria has been for work, and that’s just not conducive to extensive wine-sampling. We have a Drug and Alcohol policy that has some very definitive remarks in the matter.

Maybe next summer I can see about remedying this gap in my education.
Self-education is tax-deductible, right?

One thought on “Day 317 – Wine-Me-Up”

  1. Pouring down the drain? Inherited mum’s way to handle that? For me I’d add some herbs to create a new good product from the bad. But then again, I love chemistry. And cooking with it is also a form of chemistry which however spills the liquid part of the C2H5OH.
    I sampled your wine stock abundantly and agree that it was with much pleasure, not aware though of possible ‘pre-draining’ activities.

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