Day 318 – Don’t Toy with Me

48 – All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

In The Beginning, There Was LEGO.
And All was Well in the World.

I was really absorbed in LEGO for a very long time as a kid and beyond. Collecting, building and re-building. One of the last things I ever did with my collection was to get the plans out and re-build everything I had. I cannot remember how long it took, I just remember how full the floor of my room was by the end of it.

It’s of course nothing compared to the LEGO displays that can be found at the Toy Expo each year. When I was younger I told myself that when I made lots of money I’d buy enough LEGO to fill a room. Alas, younger-me didn’t know about mortgages, groceries and cappuccino.

This was all before computers ate my universe whole.

By the time I had an MSX-2 in my room, my LEGO was mostly forgotten and video games and programming took their place. I believe I mentioned the shy before… it would never have occurred to me at the time to venture out into sunlight. I cannot blame anyone that formed the opinion over that time I might have been a vampire.

It took a long time to get over the computer-obsession.
I’m probably still not…

But a new obsession is starting to take shape.

First there was the semi-pro microphone for screen-casting. Followed by better headsets. Followed by a Canon 6D. And now I’m sniffing around YouTube, GoPro, presentation skills, music, and writing.

Maybe I was never obsessed with LEGO or computers as such.

Maybe both were manifestations of a much deeper urge to create.

…I’m a Master Builder… I mean, Maker!

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