Day 319 – Calling All Evil Overlords

47 – 100 Proven Tips To Become A More Effective Evil Overlord

Frankly, the only reason I added this list to my list is because I have this running thing with someone in the office where I call him my Nemesis or an Evil Overlord. I cannot even recall how it started, and it seems preposterous now.

Maybe I was deflecting from an internal truth? *steeples fingers*

While reading todays list it was fun to try to figure out which movies would have ended differently had the Evil Overlord taken the recommended precautions. I think the most fundamental tip is to never leave your enemies alive, and to never indulge them with exposition. A lot of the other recommendations become redundant if you kill the hero at the first opportunity.

I am not nearly as much of a chess-master-of-events as some people seem to suspect. I really do not plan everything I do too far out, because as we all know plans never withstand the first encounter with reality. My strategy more consists of going broad rather than deep. I try to foresee all alternatives so that I have at least some kind of idea of what I might do under different outcomes.

Combine that with some well-honed habits, foremost among which is to not let my emotions too much control over me, and luck just seems to happen to me. Not because I’m lucky so much as because I’m setting up the conditions conducive to fortuitous happenstance in my life.

Yes, serendipity can be created with some practice.

It’s very close to the idea of winning by defining whatever you encounter as the thing you were trying to do. But not quite. When you encounter lemons, make cranberry-juice. Or something like that.

I think where Evil Overlords fall down, and where I succeed, is to not get too invested in a specific outcome and to just keep working at the situation till something good happens. And with some patience, it usually will.

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