Day 349 – Go PRO

17 – Digital Video Production Cookbook: 100 Professional Techniques for Independent and Amateur Filmmakers

Technically I have all the pieces of the puzzle.

I have a valid Camtasia license, I have a Canon 6D to work with, and in a pinch the Nexus 5 will do some decent video as well. Everything I need to put together a decent video on my own time.

But I suspect I need a few more pieces.
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Day 348 – Economic Reflections

18 – 100 top tips for tough times

As I am writing this post I’m watching House of Cards; I don’t know if this is going to improve or devolve the tone of my post. Let’s find out together, shall we?

There seems a certain inevitability to the unfolding of the Abbott Government. I wish there weren’t. I wish I would have been proven wrong.

Sadly, rhetoric wins over substance and vision.

And Abbott has proven his steady hand on the tiller once the earplugs are in, with the Northern Star of an imagined budgetary crisis spotted on the horizon. Steady as she goes.
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Day 345 – Cooking with Gas

21 – GT 2014 Restaurant Guide: The Top 100

In life, our minds seem predominantly pre-occupied with two things.
Both deal with survival at a fundamental level; that’s perhaps a reason.

In the case of food, this might explain why there is a never-ending parade of new cooking shows on the television. Perhaps this also explains why we take so many Instagrams of our food. Perhaps this explains why despite not really thinking about my food a great deal, I still feel a deep-seated longing to do something more with food.
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Day 344 – Ink

22 – The 100 best video game tattoos

I’m not a tattoo aficionado by any definition of the word.
I’ve never seriously considered getting one.

I mean… I have been drawn to the idea. I am sure you and I both have contemplated what it might look like to put pictures over our bodies. Perhaps thinking it might define us in some way. Perhaps thinking SEGA is forever. Perhaps because we think it’ll make us part of a cool crowd with all the hot people in it.

But I was never ready to take the leap; caution in the face of the permanent. A few years back I read a very good article calling for caution as well. I cannot recall the publication it was in, nor its exact wording. But the gist was a woman retelling how she got a tattoo at an early age and regretted doing so. But rather than removing the tattoo, the regret itself gave it meaning she wanted to keep.

The symbol became a symbol of the reason it had no meaning to her.

And it got me thinking.
And now I want a tattoo.
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Day 343 – The Secret to Infinite Productivity

23 – 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

You know how every once in a while, it’s like time slows down? You’re at peak performance and problems just fall away like autumn leaves. Nothing can stop you, because nothing is insurmountable. Flow.

And other times, you cannot get a single thing done?

There is an answer.
There is a way out of the slow days.

You want to know the secret?
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Day 342 – How To: DIY

24 – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Starting And Running A Business

I have ideas. Some of them even seem like good ideas. I’m really not sure what I am waiting for exactly. Probably for that moment of clarity where the good ideas suddenly come into sharp focus, and I jump.

And it doesn’t even need a very big jump to begin with. You don’t jump off a cliff before you have jumped off a hill without bruising yourself. That’d be insanity. And an unnecessary insanity.
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Day 341 – Best Company

25 – 100 Best Companies to Work For

There are so many well-known IT havens in the world.
Companies like Google, Pixar, Atlassian, Valve or Fog Creek Software.
They offer their staff offices with all the conveniences of home… and then another few stretches beyond that.

None of those is the best company to work for though…
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Day 340 – The Foundation of Reason

26 – 100 Best (Free) Science Documentaries Online

From a hard-wired instinct to see patterns in reality, humanity formalised scientific principles. Science, despite all the ill-informed nay-sayers out there, is barely more than making explicit the mechanism that is built into all our brains at the fundamental level.

It isn’t something we invented.
It is something that already existed.
And we gave it a name, and wrote down its rules.
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