Day 323 – Perspective

43 – 100 Photo Tips

The hardest part I have found so far about photography is to stay patient and keep looking for the better angle on a subject. It is very tempting to just dash by, take a few shots and then move on. And when I say “take a few shots”, I already underplay the time it takes to do even that right.

So, I went on a quest to get some perspective.

I used a park in the suburbs as my location and subject. It has a few interesting features to give me some different material to work with. I tried to capture as many different circumstances and angles as I could.

Evening Transition

Fixed position on exercise equipment as a subject.
Multiple images captured across day-night transition.


360 Degrees

Moving position around the park.
Featuring knotted-rope climbing equipment as the main subject.
Limitation: a shot taken at fixed intervals along the outside of the park; not allowed to move from the pre-determined intervals to get a better angle.


Night and Day

Approximate fixed position on same subject.
One daytime shot, one night-time shot.



One position on a single subject, standing vs. lying down.


Morning Transition

Fixed position on knotted-rope play equipment as a subject.
Multiple images captured across night-day transition.


Angles and Details

Various details around the field that grabbed my interest.