Day 325 – My Fragmented Self

41 – 100 Tips Essential to Being a Smarter Better Twitterer

I am plenty smart, and as a result, I don’t want to be a “better twitterer“.
If that is even a proper word.

I just want improve my writing, photography, makery… I don’t want to have to worry about where it goes. I don’t want to know about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, or even WordPress. It is just totally unimportant.

Having said that, I do want to target all the platforms where the people are. That’s part of the point. But why do I have to do my reading, writing and interactmatic there?

I have no problem with having accounts in as many places as other people decide to dream up, but I don’t want to live in a million places. If I have to remember one more account in one more “social network of the future“, I’m going to break.

I want to capture my thoughts, interactions and pictures of meals as I go about my day, with whatever tools I happen to have on hand, without having to figure out which audience it is going to be for by choosing the proper platform first. It is nothing but an annoyance. And it means that many smaller platforms with niche appeal never get a chance to add value either, because the only way to get users is to be big, generic and bland.

There are a dozens of aspects of my life I’d love to log once in something akin to a personal diary, but I do not want to broadcast all of them to the world. Or at least not all the time. I’d love to gather all my fitness, weight and sleep stats. I’d love to capture my mood, my private thoughts and what music I am listening to. I’d love to capture the time I spent in my various applications, on websites and travelling about. But I want to first keep it for myself… and then decide which bits I publish to which of my many digital identities. And then I want to have the responses come back to me where I keep my diary.

Because it takes too much time to be this many people all at the same time.
It means I do not capture things I am not immediately sure are for the public.
And often it means I forget a whole bunch of things I wanted to say.

I just cannot decide whether this is an app on my phone, on my PC, at work or home, in the cloud or on my server. Or perhaps all of these places in some form. But I know I do not want to have to think about it as I use it to capture my day, because the moment I have to give it any thought at all it will be of less use to me than it could be.

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