Day 329 – Do What You Don’t


There is a wealth of travel tips floating about the internet. I may have even indulged in a tip or two about local flights and how to improve the odds of a good seat for yourself.

The biggest secret to a great holiday experience though is…

To do what you don’t do where you live.
But to do it no more than once if you can at all help it.

You see, travel is relatively rare. Holidays are relatively rare. Free time is a treasure. And repeating the same experience multiple times robs you of an opportunity to add riches to your memory.

I know it is hard, and I am not immune myself. Visits to the Sherlock Holmes Inn in Melbourne are a bit of a tradition by now when I am down there. But I try to avoid eating the same thing twice.

Basically, try to go somewhere different for dinner every night you eat out. Go for walks along different roads each time; try to not retread your steps too often. You never know what new adventures you might find by varying your routine. And don’t be afraid that you might not like what you choose… because wasting one meal on sub-par food is more than made up for by the treasures you’ll run into as well.

The only way to finish with a high score is to keep gunning for the highest points along the way. A cautious strategy will guarantee nothing but average results.

One thought on “Day 329 – Do What You Don’t”

  1. This doesn’t include ice cream on the Gold Coast, right? I mean, if not for the coffee and ice cream is there really any point in all that sun and sand? 🙂

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