Day 337 – Stretch Goals

29 – 100 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy and Fit

I like my exercise routine.
I like the dull ache of a good workout.
I like the relaxed heavy feeling in my legs when they are weary.

But I like it most for what it does for my brain.

When I haven’t been to the gym for a while, because I am travelling interstate, or through illness, or injury; I start getting worn down. My head becomes crowded with concerns. Work accumulates, and makes it harder and harder to tackle the next day.

You see, the gym has proven the most effective way for me to switch off my work-brain. I find that even after the longest days at work, even after just a half hour of an intense workout, my brain forgets all about work. It is the ideal routine to separate work from my time. That’s not to say that ideas of programming or management do not enter my head in the evenings, but they are totally un-work-related.

Gym also helps my focus in a more direct way.

When moving everything hurts. When my legs are too heavy to even lift. I find it is incredibly easy to sit down and let my brain do all the work instead. All the usual fidgeting disappears, all the usual distractions. I normally also do not really feel much like eating or snacking after a workout.

The only down-side is that I really need to sleep more consistently, and just… more. Weary muscles need their sleep-time to properly recover. On the one hand, the exercise makes my mind want to keep working till 2am, but on the other hand, my body really needs a good 8-9 hours ideally.

I haven’t worked out how to satisfy both goals.

At some point I may just have to give up on work altogether.
It is starting to get too much in the way of my productivity.