Day 345 – Cooking with Gas

21 – GT 2014 Restaurant Guide: The Top 100

In life, our minds seem predominantly pre-occupied with two things.
Both deal with survival at a fundamental level; that’s perhaps a reason.

In the case of food, this might explain why there is a never-ending parade of new cooking shows on the television. Perhaps this also explains why we take so many Instagrams of our food. Perhaps this explains why despite not really thinking about my food a great deal, I still feel a deep-seated longing to do something more with food.

Don’t get me wrong; I love great food as much as the next person… but throughout my day I rarely think much about food. I may or may not have breakfast, and I might pick something I feel like at the time, but within a minute or two it is consumed by a rush to get to work.

Over my lunch breaks I might bring a sandwich, or go grab some sushi. But once I’m eating it, my mind is back on people management, project management, task management and a million to-dos. I don’t think I very often actually remember the taste of my lunch after I finish it. It’s a special kind of tragedy.

And then every once in a while I actually contemplate my eating and in my mind the process takes on a rather absurd aspect. I’m chewing food and swallowing it, and that’s okay, but in another 4-8 hours I’ll just need more… surely we should have long-since gotten over this by now?! It’s a strange and extreme kind of detachment from enjoying food.

Maybe Soylent would be perfect for me.
A perfect mix of all the nutrients I need with minimal flavour or effort.

And yet…

I watch a TED talk about a book on cooking, and my mind is consumed with the desire to create something perfectly exquisite. I watch episodes of Hannibal, and the crisp shots of food preparation make my mouth water (it’s best not to over-think Hannibal’s cooking; they are intentionally trying to create internal conflict in the viewer). I listen to Nerdist talk to Anthony Bourdain and I feel like I’m wasting my life not caring enough about food.

I need to figure out what I’m going to do with food to redeem myself.

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