Day 349 – Go PRO

17 – Digital Video Production Cookbook: 100 Professional Techniques for Independent and Amateur Filmmakers

Technically I have all the pieces of the puzzle.

I have a valid Camtasia license, I have a Canon 6D to work with, and in a pinch the Nexus 5 will do some decent video as well. Everything I need to put together a decent video on my own time.

But I suspect I need a few more pieces.

Don’t get me wrong; I can make all of it work together, but especially on the software front I suspect I’ll waste a lot of time trying to tame Camtasia when I could be editing instead. But I’m not sure what I should invest in.

I suspect the best option available to me is probably Adobe, but I worry that it has too many controls, too big a learning curve. Then again, if I want to do more with photography then I probably need some Adobe in my life anyway.

Is the Adobe suite worth getting?
Is there an affordable way to get it?

I just had a look, but it seems that they are very much about the cloud these days… and I just don’t like renting software. Especially when I don’t know when I will use it in earnest. When I own it I can take my time to decide when it features in my life… if I rent it, I’ll just fret over the months when I don’t use it at all.

I had a look around for freeware as well, but it seems to lose in two ways; it has the same overly complicated UI that the professional packages have without any of the refinement… and it lacks the professional features the big names include. I’m not sure that would be a net improvement over what I have now.

Despite the name of the post, I’m not in the first instance looking to supplement the recording arsenal. I think with better software the 6D will do just fine. Although… maybe… at some point a GoPro will prove useful.

One step at a time though.

5 thoughts on “Day 349 – Go PRO”

  1. Get the photographers bundle (PS CC and LR) for $10 a month. Photoshop now does video! 🙂 Totally worth it, IMO. I wouldn’t pay for the whole suite but it was worth it for me to get PS at the very least – I’ve got a bundle from an earlier release though though other means. (Happy to help you out there if you want it. Just tell the Abbey monster.)

  2. $10 a month!? I thought the lowest was $20. $10 is pretty close to worth it. I’ll have to look into it 🙂

    The web suite doesn’t have anything video-y in it, unless you count Flash and I don’t think you count Flash. 😛

    You have decided the Windows one is insufficient, yes? I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do, but that one has a learning curve that is very flattish, and you already have it. It might be a good way to figure out exactly what you want/need, anyway.

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