Day 350 – Illusion

16 – 99 Excellent Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

I have an optical illusion to create at some point.
Forced Perspective seems the easiest tool at my disposal.

Let me count the ways…

The most common variant involves composing near and far elements in such a way that they seem to be beside each other in such a way that one seems either smaller or larger than it should be. Holding up the Tower of Pisa, or gripping the sun between fingertips are common examples.

Devourer of Small Humans

An amusing variant on this theme that is a cross between a photo-bomb and an optical illusion is the accidental animal Forced Perspective with humorous effect.

You Old Dog!

Slightly less common are carefully staged interactions with clouds, ripples and other patterns in the background. It would in most cases be very easy to fake these with Photoshop which is probably why people don’t tend to bother as much.

Paint the Sky with Clouds

Trickery with orientation and clever use of reflections are least common. It’s harder to find a good place to make them work. But the effect is much more disorienting than any of the other examples. Whereas the small/large distortion of the first example is so common that you instinctively know what is going on, this last group can play tricks with your mind before reality comes into focus.

See the World from Another Angle

I tried to put together a simple Forced Perspective shot myself for this post, but it is really hard to make it work indoors and at night. Too many visual distractions from shadows on walls, and lack of enough room to create the effect.

I want to do something with this though, but maybe when I have time after the challenge ends. I don’t want to spoil this effect by doing a rush-job. And I think a certain level of quality is required to tick of my Optical Illusion item on 100 Things.

I think I know a few bodies of water that might serve very well.

Stay tuned!