Day 351 – I Want To Play A Game

15 – 100 Principles of Game Design

If you don’t know of the wealth of board games that exist beyond Risk, Stratego and Monopoly, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

I have written about them often enough over the past year; almost every Wednesday some (variable) friends come over and we have some snacks, some dinner and some board games. Most of them have a strategic angle (the games), even when it’s just about building railway tracks. Some of them are collaborative. Some of them are really really tough.

It’s fun…

And inevitably it leads to making up of new house-rules and variants.
Or entirely new games essentially.

We once worked together on creating a custom map for Ticket To Ride. There was a competition to win, and we decided we’d played the game more than enough to come up with something original and interesting. We created Ticket To Ride – Paris, including bonus points for connecting special landmarks around the city.

We didn’t win, but the creating together was fun.

There is another seed of an idea running through my head, but I haven’t thought it through enough to turn it into a complete concept. Something more story-driven… I like the idea of Dixit where players have to capture an image in a phrase or quote, but it’s not exactly what I had in mind.

I was contemplating a way to develop a game where the players cooperatively build an epic story of their own. Something revolving around a game the players construct as they play and explained it. Something with enough rules to give the player hand-holds to work from, but with enough room to let the real aim emerge along the way.

Maybe something like D&D, but without a game master.
Collaborative D&D-mastering in a way.

Maybe I can try to put this together in concrete form for the Toy & Game Expo next year; they have an area at the venue where you can submit your own games for play-testing, evaluation and feedback. And if all else fails there are similar options at Essen (the board game Mecca), which’d combine well with a family visit in Europe. I like when a thing does two things at the same time.

Pipe-dreams and faraway plans.

No way do I have time to create a game at the moment.

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