Day 353 – Forward Fold

13 – Over 100 Stretching Exercises

I have started working more seriously on item 85 of my 100 Things.

I’m not naturally very flexible. I spent an entire youth disinterested in sports. Then I spent years cycling in the highest gear bulking up my legs in the process. Then I took an interest in going to the gym during University where I mainly worked on more weights to even out the rest of my body a bit.

I wasn’t very flexible at all.

Until I had to get myself an exercise habit for reasons of blood pressure. I have done Pilates for many years now, and my flexibility has fluctuated with the frequency of my classes.

For the last year I have let my flexibility slip; I got too addicted to cardio classes instead. Something I have rectified since putting item 85 on my list though.

I have upped my Yoga intake to two classes a week, and I push harder for that stretching feeling when I’m there. That wonderful tension along the muscles in my legs in particular which are by far the least flexible part of my body. I’m gaining ground…

I should be able to tick at least one item of that insane list before the end of the calendar year at this rate. Provided I do not fall off the wagon again. Maybe I need an AA sponsor for yoga or something?

More as I make progress…

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