Day 358 – Roll An Adventurer

8 – 100+ amazing outdoor adventures

Somewhere along the way during this challenge I resolved to become an adventurer. I changed my Twitter tagline and everything. And I put it onto my list of 100 Things.

I have yet to decide how literal I want to be about it…

I’m not sure if my NetHack experience counts for anything towards this goal. I have been many an elf warrior in my time. Real life doesn’t call for a lot of elf warrioring though. Maybe my experience identifying potions by simply quaffing them counts for something. I should plan a cocktail quaffing party.

On the other extreme, I don’t have the time to become a real-world adventurer in the traditional sense either. I’d have to learn to climb mountains, buy mountain climbing gear, find a mountain to climb, climb a mountain, and so on and so forth. It sounds like terribly hard work.

Maybe there’s a middle road though.

Maybe I can find the adventure in everyday life.
Maybe I should blog about it as if it were an RPG?
*strokes chin suggesting contemplation*

And just now, the Mountaineering Sketch came and went.
I’ll take that as a sign of His Noodly Appendage that I’m on the right track.

I rolled a Male Elf Wizard – Level 1.

STR – 12 (+1)
CON – 11 (+0)
DEX – 10 (+0)
INT – 18 (+4)
WIS – 11 (+0)
CHA – 16 (+3)

With notable skill in:
Arcana (+9)
Diplomacy (+8)
Dungeoneering (+5)
Insight (+5)
Perception (+4)

And I cannot be surprised at all… apparently.

I have a few stats to work on clearly…

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