Day 362 – But, What to Do?

4 – Top 100 Things to Do in Sydney

If yesterday’s link has inspired you to go out on a (first) date, today’s link has some suggestions for you.

From hazy university-time memories spent on the early Internet (IRC practically was the internet at the time), the perennial dating question on bulletin boards was “what should I do on a date?”, “does anyone have any suggestions?”

It is a deceptively simple question with really no good answer. A good date is whatever both (all?) parties involved in it say it is. It either requires some communication up-front, or a good deal of mind-reading. (Or possibly, stalking, which I neither condone nor endorse).

There should be a solution to this problem…

A quick search in the Google Play store confirms there is a plethora of dating-related apps to (theoretically*) help you find someone to go on a date with. I’m sure a similar result can be had in the iPhone and Windows equivalents.

A similar search for apps to help you find something to do on the date once you have it… no inspiring results. Clicking through into a few of the results shows mostly canned-lists-of-ideas dreamed up by the author of the app, in hopes of making a quick buck.

I sense a niche in the online-dating market that hasn’t been filled yet.

Something to help would-be-daters:

  • Discover date ideas
  • Match their ideas to those of their date

Or I guess… you could just talk to your date.
But that’s scary.

* – universally hard for men, and universally easy** for women.
** – albeit, overwhelmingly eliciting responses said women are not looking for.

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