Day 364 – Are You Still There?

2 – 100 Ways to Annoy People

Is this annoying yet?
Is it boring?
Have I lost you yet?
Am I trying?

Maybe I should just give up on this whole challenge.

I mean, it seems a bit silly to blog every day for a year, just because. Maybe it’s better if I give up now on this whole silly notion before it gets out of hand!

I admire you for sticking around though. Thanks. As much as it has been a challenge for me to write, I cannot even imagine reading this grab-bag of non-cohesive writing in its entirety. I’m sure I must have repeated myself a few times along the way… I just didn’t have the time or patience to check back or keep track throughout.

If you believe you have one more day of reading left in you, then I’ll offer up one more day of writing. It’s the least I could do after all this time.

It feels surreal to me.
It doesn’t feel at all like a year has passed.

I think the hardest part of a challenge like this lies somewhere at the halfway point. Long enough in to feel the weight of the doing, yet far enough from the finish to despair. And right here, so close to the finishing line, I cannot at all relate to either of those perspectives. In retrospect, it feels easy. Like it barely happened at all.

I may yet have to read back through all my own posts to convince myself that it really happened. That I actually did something along the way. That I got something out of it.

The experience is so thoroughly integrated into my personality now that I just cannot conceive of it as its own thing any more.


Let’s have one more stiff drink together.
And then plunge into the last day.

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