Day 365 – Ready For A Celebration

1 – Sydney’s 100 best bars

Hey,… glad you could make it!

Would you like me to pour you a drink?

Oh, mine’s a Long Island Iced Tea.
I know, not very refined, but a great way to get drunk.

Gin and Tonic?
Okay, I might join you in one of those.

Ah, time for my speech… help yourself… *vague wave in the direction of the bar*

*clears throat*

Thank you for joining me in this minor celebration of a relatively insignificant accomplishment; I promise I will try harder.

I know you were reading even when you weren’t commenting. Either that, or your pet was walking across the keyboard again, randomly refreshing pages on my blog. Sadly, the stats cannot tell the difference.

In case you were concerned, I will continue blogging. This is not the end of that.
I know you were hoping otherwise.
I am actually addicted to the process now.

It will be different though; I suspect the posts will take on a more varied consistency. I’m hoping to find a manageable way to split my interests so that I no longer have to bore you with all the things you don’t care about.

But right now, today, I just want to celebrate making the finish-line.

So, have another drink…

…and come and tell me which post you loved/hated the most over the past year. If it’s actually something I wrote I’ll even buy you a drink.

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