Training – I Ama Ze Moon

My Lean Six-Sigma Yellow Belt training was very interesting. Well worth the two days invested, even if it meant arriving home at 10pm on a Friday. I kinda want to get some more Six-Sigma training now, because I can see all kinds of applications of this knowledge.


Not the same instructor please…

It is a testament to the interest of the topic that 12 hours of having slides read to me hasn’t dulled the experience for me. And the digressions, dear god, the digressions. Had I had a fork, I would now have no eyes.

Then, something struck me about the speech patterns of the “facilitator”.
They seemed eerily familiar to me.
Sort of Noel Fielding-esque…

I had a few moments where it was hard to keep a straight face as the facilitator butchered his way through some badly explained mathematics; the resemblance to The Moon was so striking.

Still, I’d prefer a facilitator that can actually bring the material.

6-Sigma Force

It’s been about a month, and I’ve just let the free time unproductively wash over me. I obviously feel very guilty… give me your best I-believe-you face.

I am once again in Melbourne today.

Second week in a row.

Last week was my regular visit, with all the staff, and all the meeting, and stuff and things. This week I’m here for some training. I have no idea what to expect, but I hear “Six Sigma” is pretty good. I feel like I’m about to become part of a super-hero force. This is just like the Avengers, right? Do I get to be Thor?

I could say that I have no idea why I’m being sent on this training, but I have mentioned process issues a few too many times in various meetings to be entirely surprised at where I have ended up. And I am taking it as extremely encouraging that this training has materialised in my path.

It does leave me burdened with a sense of obligation though…
…to use these new powers for good.


(I need to work on my evil laugh)

Learning and Other Curves

I have turned my 365 earnings and my birthday present from my parents into an Adobe CS6 Master Suite. I am now the proud owner of All-Things-Adobe to further my creative future. Now I just need to learn how to use it all.

The installer barfed icons for 16 new products onto my Windows 8 Start screen.
They all range from complex to nigh-on-incomprehensible.
I need some training.

I had hoped to start learning today, but the day got away from me a bit. I had to get up early to make my 7:30am massage, which was both nice and horrible at the same time.

Then my day got both better and weirder at the gym. Apparently it was the third anniversary of the gym and there was an 80s Aerobics theme on. Meaning all the staff/instructors and many of the guests had dressed up in various short-shorts, lycra, and garish bright colours.

It wasn’t entirely an unpleasant sight.

I do think I let it go to my head, or out of it. I worked harder than I normally do, and now my legs don’t feel my own. I hope I have enough reserves for Yoga, because Thursday Yoga didn’t turn out so well… they had forgotten to substitute a sick instructor so they improvised at the last moment with someone who wasn’t quite up to the task.

By the time I finished my Saturday ritual with some reading at Michel’s I was already 7 hours into my day. And I’ve frittered away another 3 hours since with the Internet. I better get going with some real work and chores now, or I’ll feel horribly guilty tomorrow.