Time for a Job Change

So far, I have failed to talk about a very important change in my life.

After 11.32 years working in the Energy sector; at NEMMCO which later turned into AEMO (which you may occasionally spot in news articles if you are looking for it), it is time for me to go for a change.

It’s always harder to leave colleagues than companies.
Even when the benefits are generous, and a 5-minute commute is hard to beat.

I’m hoping to make my ex-colleagues envious next year with updates about my start at Campaign Monitor in the Sydney CBD (if I know you and you are out of an IT job… enquire within!)

Not that they aren’t already envious of the 6 weeks I will have off between finishing next Friday, and my start date somewhere around the start of February next year (I deserve a break after 11+ years). And their own explorations of the Campaign Monitor website have turned my co-workers to a series of mock exasperated exclamations regarding the benefits of my future employer.

I can’t wait to stretch my skills back into a commercial environment and see how far I can reach.

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