Dare to be Blue

This year I took part in the #worldsgreatestshave except minus the shaving. I promised to colour my hair blue for a month, and until April 11th I’ll be maintaining my current locks. I raised $1,189 at the time of this writing, just shy of a LEET $1,337 but not to be sneezed at.

(If however you feel inclined to help me part of those last $148 to the finishing line)

I prepared earlier in the week by bleaching my hair. As it turns out it isn’t quite as dark brown as I thought because 30 minutes in I looked in the mirror and panicked. Granted it looked lighter than it proved to be, but still…


On Friday 11th March, in the kitchen at work, I had some assistance with the turning blue. Thanks Farnaz; see, there was really no reason to panic, it came out just fine!

I was surprised at hoe many people expressed disbelief.


“Gosh you’re brave!” to a confused look on my face.

I’m not in the habit of backing down from a challenge, let alone a self-imposed one. As yet I believe my 365-challenge is still the greatest testament to my stubbornness.

And despite all my advertising and pestering, there was still at least one colleague who did a double-take after the fact and as of this morning was still wondering what was going on until I explained. Clearly Worlds’ Greatest Shave is not as universally known as I had thought.


It’s been a fun experience so far.

And if you want to see the results in person, find a way to see me before the middle of April. Time flies, so you better get in quick!