Day 365 – Ready For A Celebration

1 – Sydney’s 100 best bars

Hey,… glad you could make it!

Would you like me to pour you a drink?

Oh, mine’s a Long Island Iced Tea.
I know, not very refined, but a great way to get drunk.

Gin and Tonic?
Okay, I might join you in one of those.

Ah, time for my speech… help yourself… *vague wave in the direction of the bar*
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Day 364 – Are You Still There?

2 – 100 Ways to Annoy People

Is this annoying yet?
Is it boring?
Have I lost you yet?
Am I trying?

Maybe I should just give up on this whole challenge.

I mean, it seems a bit silly to blog every day for a year, just because. Maybe it’s better if I give up now on this whole silly notion before it gets out of hand!
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Day 363 – Memorable Ending

3 – The Best 100 Closing Lines from Books

I must admit; I was hopeful for this link, and sadly disappointed.

The problem with closing lines out of context is that they lose the build-up before them that imbue them with most of their meaning. I’m sure all these closing lines are lovely and amazing when read directly after the book they belong to, but in isolation most of them didn’t do anything for me.
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Day 362 – But, What to Do?

4 – Top 100 Things to Do in Sydney

If yesterday’s link has inspired you to go out on a (first) date, today’s link has some suggestions for you.

From hazy university-time memories spent on the early Internet (IRC practically was the internet at the time), the perennial dating question on bulletin boards was “what should I do on a date?”, “does anyone have any suggestions?”

It is a deceptively simple question with really no good answer. A good date is whatever both (all?) parties involved in it say it is. It either requires some communication up-front, or a good deal of mind-reading. (Or possibly, stalking, which I neither condone nor endorse).

There should be a solution to this problem…
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Day 361 – Dating

5 – 100 First Dates

Blogging about a hundred first dates sounds like an interesting challenge. It’s the kind of concept I could have wished to have come up with. But at the same time, it seems a daunting subject, and a rather lengthy commitment to make.

I have only 365 days to contend with (with less than a week to go!), where Ally has been at it since January 2010 and is only now approaching the finish of her… quest?
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Day 358 – Roll An Adventurer

8 – 100+ amazing outdoor adventures

Somewhere along the way during this challenge I resolved to become an adventurer. I changed my Twitter tagline and everything. And I put it onto my list of 100 Things.

I have yet to decide how literal I want to be about it…
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Day 357 – Bad Form

9 – The 100 Worst Athletes in Sports History

Sprains beget Sprains.
Injuries beget Injuries.

About three months back, on a trip to Melbourne, I sprained my back. I’m still not quite sure if I can blame the Novotel beds for that, or if it was the unfortunate twist in my Economy Class seat on the flight home as I tried to get off my hooded sweater.

My left shoulder and back were agony, and I blogged about them at the time.
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Day 356 – 100 Reasons Why Sports Suck

10 – 100 Essential Things you Didn’t Know about Sport

I really just cannot get into watching sports.

I think soccer back in the Netherlands traumatized me. Every summer. Every single damned summer. Soccer would displace all other programming on the television, pushing Star Trek and Babylon 5 out-of-the-way… for men pointlessly kicking a ball around.

I could have somewhat respected the seasonality of all this, if it weren’t for the German channels, the British channels, the French channels and the Luxembourg channels all showing the same match at the same time with a bouquet of voice overs of every linguistic variety.

With nothing “decent” to watch for the likes of me.
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