Day 102 – CBD

Today was a great day to be out in the sun. I half wished I had brought my kindle and not the camera, because the lawns in the botanical gardens were immensely inviting.

On the other hand, I *did* get some great shots today.

Day 68 – BBQ Lizard

A squeaky kind of general excitement called me out into the back yard today. I was just unpacking the dishwasher and was loath to walk away from the task before I finished it.

I got pointed in the direction of what I will generously call the barbecue, which is a rusted hot-plate over a recess built into the retaining wall in the back yard.


We don’t actually use it as a barbecue.

The source of the excitement was hidden deep in the shade of the hot plate. I had to set up really close and zoom in to get an exposure that didn’t completely blow-out in the foreground.

Blue Tongue Lizard Specimen (slightly cooked)
Blue Tongued Lizard Specimen (slightly cooked)

This Blue Tongued Lizard specimen was sitting atop a log with its back pressed to what must have been a fairly hot plate. You could easily mistake it for a snake from this angle.

For a sample of where its name comes from (I wasn’t lucky enough to get it to show us), check out Wikipedia for a picture of a similar specimen.

Anyway; apparently now we need to put snails and pieces of banana near this hideout at night. Because that is what we do to creatures in our backyard. (Sorry snails, you are expendable).