Day 288 – Gluttony and Other Joys

78 – 100 TIPS TO SLIM

Tip 1 – do not have Wednesdays like I do.

Seriously, don’t.

On Wednesdays, friends gather in the evening… we have snacks… we eat dinner… we play boardgames… and we talk. We always eat too much like we’re trying to win a competition.

We had some nice raspberries, various cheeses, Pringles and chocolate to get us started today. For three people. (We never know beforehand how large the group gets; anywhere from 3 to 6 is typical).

And then I “cooked” by ordering Thai food on Menulog. I think there are two more dinners left over in the fridge, but even then, I have such a hard time not eating more when the food is so tasty. The Massaman Curry was tender and delicious. The Chicken/Cashew-something-or-other Curry almost as much so.

As I sat watching Ken and Abbey finish their dinner, I felt bloated bordering on sick. Occupational hazard. Now I’m just afraid to step on the scales before I go to bed.

If I don’t weigh myself, I don’t really weigh anything, do I?