Day 351 – I Want To Play A Game

15 – 100 Principles of Game Design

If you don’t know of the wealth of board games that exist beyond Risk, Stratego and Monopoly, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

I have written about them often enough over the past year; almost every Wednesday some (variable) friends come over and we have some snacks, some dinner and some board games. Most of them have a strategic angle (the games), even when it’s just about building railway tracks. Some of them are collaborative. Some of them are really really tough.

It’s fun…

And inevitably it leads to making up of new house-rules and variants.
Or entirely new games essentially.
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Day 106 –

Been a busy day so far.

It’s almost time to head off to Ken’s for Wednesday. I’ll take pictures and report back later. A hunt through Coles has provided me the requisite dips, cheeses, chocolate, crackers and a drink. The board games we’ll need are already at Ken’s, and dinner will probably be ordered in upon arrival.

My normal scheduled programming should return tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience! Please Hold… Your Readership is Important to Me.
*cue the faint bland elevator music*