Day 333.5 – Reddit

A bonus post with no associated 100.

I went to the Global Reddit Meetup Day 2014 – Sydney in Glebe today. I must admit I’m not an avid Redditor myself, and I mostly lurk when I do head over, but it seemed like a fun outing and a chance to meet some new people (see my 100 goals).

I knew I knew exactly one person at the meet before I went.
The rest’d be a surprise.
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Day 331 – I Don’t Wanna… Talk About It

35 – 101 Conversation Starters

I am a bit bemused that the domain “” exists. At all.
Talk about a niche market.

Please don’t head over to read the suggestions, because they are frankly not very good. I really don’t see how “Are you a saver or a spender?” is ever an appropriate ice breaker, unless you are at an accountancy convention.

I think there are better ways to approach a conversation than canned openers.
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