Ship-It… Ship-It-Good

The day that I shall call Thriday is going to be an interesting one.

Tomorrow at noon, pretty much all the Engineering staff at Campaign Monitor will be challenging each other to build the best product they can from-scratch in a 24 hour time period.


Because, Why Not!
Also, it is presumably fun. And it sounds like there is a prize for the winner. Who knows.

There is a minimal amount of prep that gets done in the lead-up to the day; trying to woo other staff to join your project, brainstorming, some designing and planning. But all the heavy lifting gets done in just one day.

It’s an interesting exercise in discipline. It’s very easy to design something that is just too complicated to fit within the allotted time with a small team. Everything has to be agile. Everything has to be shippable in minimal increments, because there are no extensions to the deadline. And then it has to be as impressive to all our colleagues as it can possibly be, because we are also all judges.

I think the team I’m on has got an interesting problem ahead of us.

There’s a bit of intense data processing involved, a bit of web UI, a legacy system we need to suck data from, and then on Friday a presentation to do.

It really is going to be a little microcosm of IT; planning, managing, designing, developing, testing, selling.

I’m looking forward to finding out who will still be in the office by midnight.

Day 202 – Sunbeam Give-Away

It’s a Competition.
With a Give-Away.

I recently acquired a superior ice-cream-making solution. As a result I now have two fully functional Sunbeam Snowy ice cream makers that will otherwise have to get sent to a farm up-state.


I very briefly considered selling both on eBay.
But then a more fun idea presented itself.

All I want is your tastiest/weirdest/funniest ice-cream-flavour suggestion in the comments below.

Also, for bonus points: indicate if you are willing to prepare the suggested flavour and share the sampling of the first scoop with me so that I can blog about it here. If this is your first ice-cream attempt, I can help with the making of your suggestion.

On Saturday, February 15th (2014) I’ll pick the two suggestions I like most and each will get a Snowy of their very own.

If you just want to take part in making suggestions without being eligible for a Snowy, mark your suggestions with “#nowin”.

And the winners have been drawn now; see Day 214 – Winners.