Day 255 – Recovery and Countdown

At long last it seems that my back is starting to behave. My shoulder feels much better after 2 weeks of slow recovery. Just two weeks away from my next Melbourne trip…

… let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to very carefully try a class or two at the gym. My legs can take the brunt of it; it’ll make me feel less like a potato.

If that goes well, I might also at long last make it back to Wet’n’Wild on Sunday. By mid-April their season will end, and I’ll have to find another hobby to keep me occupied over winter.

Winter Is Coming!

And also, the inevitable count-down of my challenge. I’m kinda excited by the idea of starting the final-100 from April 8th onwards. One final marathon of attempted originality to take me to the finish line… and a new start into the unknown.

I should start planning a victory party, because this has definitely not been an easy challenge so far. I may have been a little cavalier in taking it on; but if I don’t stretch outside my comfort-zone I’ll never learn anything new. And I’m sure this is going to be useful discipline.

Day 153 – Twelve Days of Rush-Mas

So far I have managed to dodge the bullet. I haven’t had to go out into the crazy. But the longer it lasts, the closer it gets, the worse it will be when I inevitably do.

I wonder if eventually this is the death-knell for local retailers here in Australia. They are already continuously whining about the fact overseas purchases under $1000 are exempt from taxation on importation… but if they think it’s merely that 10% that’s stopping us from buying locally, they are kidding themselves.

In many cases online easily saves 40-50% or more.

And it’s not merely price either; often things can be had online that simply are not available locally. Sometimes there is stock where there is none in the shops.

Or sometimes you do not need to queue in an insane line.

If I could do all my Christmas shopping sitting in the convenience of my home, I wouldn’t care where it was shipping from. And I don’t think there are many Australians that’d feel differently. Convenience always wins out, because out there *waves hands* is almost like psychological torture now.

Much better to relax into Christmas from the PC.