Day 365 – Ready For A Celebration

1 – Sydney’s 100 best bars

Hey,… glad you could make it!

Would you like me to pour you a drink?

Oh, mine’s a Long Island Iced Tea.
I know, not very refined, but a great way to get drunk.

Gin and Tonic?
Okay, I might join you in one of those.

Ah, time for my speech… help yourself… *vague wave in the direction of the bar*
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Day 267 – Managers à Manger

99 – 100 best management learning websites

First off; don’t click that link above… it’s terrible. And as far as I can tell from a random sampling, so are the 100 pages it leads to. I know SlideShare can do great slide-packs, but this isn’t an actual example of that.

Tonight we had dinner with 12 managers around a table (one of my developers took on the honorary role of my current boss who couldn’t make it). Since we were all in the same place at the same time, this was a great opportunity to have a meal together and taunt/insult my fellow managers.

I have lost track of most of the salient points in the conversation, but at one stage exercise came up. I don’t know how we got from A to B, but the fact that a few of the women in the office do a Pilates class led to the suggestion of me in Lycra.

I suggest they severely over-estimate my sense of shame.
It’s a great way to figure out who around the table might actually know me somewhat.

Still, as I explained. Black Milk does not come in my size, so alas, they will have to find their entertainment elsewhere (or their bribery leverage, HAH!)

I do suspect the alcohol has loosened my tongue somewhat, so they were probably only a few well-placed questions away from juicy answers. Too bad for them. I’m having another drink in my room as I type this, but by tomorrow I will be well and truly sober again.

Also, on the management front, I should try to convince a few more people to listen to Manager Tools.
I’ve been trying hard to spread the gospel, but apparently “podcasts” are a foreign concept to many.


Day 168 – Cocktails for All!

It has been a while since there’s been a cocktail party at casa-de-Bronte, and although it’s a relatively modestly sized party for New Years’ Eve, it is hopefully a kick-start to slightly more frequent and larger gatherings through 2014.

All Stocked Up
All Stocked Up

Call it a trial balloon to check if the bar is sufficiently stocked.
To dust off the recipe books.
To enjoy together.

To that end, I already have some new years resolutions lined up:

  • Re-do the kitchen to be more crowd-friendly
  • Replace horrible carpet with wooden floors
  • Replace old lounge with something new
  • Paint, polish, de-clutter

I guess I should add this to my ever-growing projects list in the side-bar.