Day 338 – Everyday Outside the Box

28 – 100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Although I love life hacks, I am pretty bad at finding my own.
Some of these hacks are so common-sense that I have to admit that I should have been able to come up with them myself, and yet I haven’t.

Maybe you and I are both too focused on “doing” the everyday that we forget to “think about” the everyday?
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Day 307 – How-To: Be Presentable

59 – 100 Presentation Tips

I added two items to my 100 Things that relate to presenting. Three if you count teaching a class as essentially a form of presentation. I think that means I better start planning out how to brush up on my presentation skills.

Not that I am going in cold.

I have watched many videos on presentation by masters of the art. I have read many blog posts and articles about presenting itself, designing good slides, and how to structure material. I have books on my shelf by Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds.

The next step? Presenting. Regularly.
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