Day 222 – Carrot Cake!

I dozed my way through a large chunk of today. No idea what’s gotten over me.

I did manage more ice cream between naps. I really like how easy the new machine makes it to decide to do another experiment. Immediate gratification FTW.

Today’s recipe was an interpretation of “carrot cake ice cream” as suggested by Abbey. The frosting turned into the base, and the base into garnish.

First: bake 1 carrot cake, slice it into small pieces.


Next: mix 500ml cream cheese + 300ml cream + lots of Frangelico. Place into ice cream maker and run for 20 minutes. Add pieces of carrot cake into the mixture. Run for another 20 minutes.

Finally: decant into container, and decorate with walnuts on top. Freeze.

The mixture tasted okay, but I haven’t tried the finished product yet. Not the biggest fan of cream-cheese-based-desserts, but the Frangelico makes up for a lot. Tasting notes later.

More sleep now?