Day 292 – Skew and Faith

74 – The 100 Most Influential People in the World

I was hoping to turn the Time 100 list into an interesting post about politics, and how we’re collectively driving the show in the ditch now with our preoccupation with irrelevancies and rhetoric over substance and facts. My train of thought detailed though when I started to play with the filtering options at the bottom of the page.

I was pleasantly surprised that the gender representation was fairly balanced at 59/41 (sadly, I still do not have to clarify in which direction). Although not perfect, it is remarkably even considering that society still does not have as many opportunities in it for women to shine as it does for men; the balance on the Time 100 list is probably more even than society is. Aside; it’d be nice if there were a few alternate gender orientations on the list but that’s probably too much to hope for at the moment.

The distribution across the age brackets was also not too surprising. Influence correlates with age. Building an army of minions takes time. On the upside, I haven’t hit my prime age for influence yet, so there is still time.

Geography… *sigh* … yes, yes… we know you feel like the US is the entire universe, but really; 57 out of a 100? I am also distraught to discover that Australia only ranks 1, and Europe scrapes in with just 10. I guess it just goes to show how hard it is to accept ideas and perspectives that seem foreign.

And the results of filtering by profession are just outright bewildering. I was expecting Government to score big, and Business as well at that. But why is Sports even on the list? There is nothing wrong with enjoying a game of whatever, but how are these people influential in the broader sense? And I can see Artists being influential, but as heartening as the thought of art being influential is, I do not believe there are more influential artists than politicians in the world. Sad, but true.

And sadder still, but probably right… science scores only 5 out of 100.

Which kinda brings me back to the original intended topic. We are running our societies ever more in a scientific vacuĆ¼m. I understand science is hard, and trusting someone in a lab-coat even more so. But we didn’t get where we are today without science. Almost everything we use in our cushy everyday lives is derived from scientific discovery and application of scientific principles. This includes the communications media we use, the computers we take for granted, the lasers we all have in our living rooms and tool boxes, even most of the food and clothes we use. The most basic needs for survival in the form we take them for granted only exist by the Grace of Science.

We’re happy to accept science through faith when it makes our lives easier, but we question it at every step when it contradicts our “truths”. When it asks hard questions or gives us hard answers.

When did we become so afraid of thinking?

In any case; I have resolved that I need to become influential. Either Europe or Australia could do with another representative, and I guess I should do something Scientific after that rant.

Where is the list of 100 Tips on Becoming Influential?