Day 189 – Shower Rod

This is Where One Fishes, Right?
This is Where One Fishes, Right?

I don’t fish. Not unless someone baits my hook and deals with whatever might end on it for me. I enjoy the peace and quiet of standing at the water well enough, and holding a rod is kinda relaxing at the same time… but fishing as such is just not for me.

Abbey went for a nice fishing trip today. She brought a whole bunch of gear along and trekked off while I was relaxing, reading my book and drinking a glass of wine.

Alas, no luck with the fish.

I was a little surprised by what I found in the shower later in the evening though. I have to assume that this is the usual way in which one cleans the rod after use. I have no other information to go on.

I hope it’s out of the way in the morning when I shower, because there are places I don’t want the hook to accidentally end up.