Day 34 – Drinking and Betting…

I arrived to work to a slightly fuller desk than the one I left before the weekend. Obscuring the clear access to my keyboard; the bottle you can see in the header to this post. Peter had kindly left me my prize for the first 30 days of blogging as per the bet he made on my first 365 post.

This looks like a very nice bottle of red from South Africa where Peter lived for a while before living in the Netherlands for a while. He has many entertaining stories about his time in either of these places, and he really should start his own blog to retell them… although I won’t insist on a daily posting schedule 😉

The Note with The Bottle (in Afrikaans)
The Note with The Bottle (in Afrikaans)

He also left me a note in South African with a challenge to try to decipher it. Luckily when sounding out the words in my mind it isn’t sufficiently different from Dutch to stump me… and where the words are completely foreign I could get by with an educated guess or two.

Hi Jerry,

Baie geluk aan die eerste maand van blog boodskappe. Dit is baie indrukwekkend, en ek hoop jy die skryf van die blog vir die volgende elf maande verdere geniet. Ek hes eers gedink wyn uit die “Leeuwen Estate” meer geskikt sal wees, dan het ek dedink ‘n Italiaanse wyn sou meer gepas wees, maar uiteindelik het ek besluit om Suid-Afrikaanse wyn te koop.

Nou, sal ek dit vir jou in Nederlands vertaal? 😉


Peter congratulates me on my first month of blogging, and comments on how impressive keeping up the schedule has been and that he hopes I’ll keep it up for the next 11 months. He was originally going to get a “Leeuwen Estate” wine from Australia due to my last name. Then he considered an Italian wine based on some grief I gave him in an online presentation. But in the end he settled on a South African wine. And I’m glad he did, because I’m sure the wine will be a joy when I get to it next Wednesday, but the note has already been a treasure.

Now, as for the box it came in… I’m hanging on to that for another 28 days, because once I make it past another month I think his dedicated reading of my blog is worthy of a surprise in return.

Something a little different though…

…he’ll see 😉