Day 235 – Kinokuniya

First of all, lest I leave you wondering, the gym went well this morning. When I said I had been unwell earlier in the week, Nikki was very concerned that I shouldn’t over-exert myself; I was more concerned to properly separate my week and my weekend. Her classes always fill me with some trepidation upfront, and end it calm and satisfaction. This weekend was no different.

As I was driving home I saw the most terrifying thing ever. I wish I had been able to take a picture without feeling even more terrified of my snapping-while-driving. A big motorcycle overtook my car; it was doing one of those weaving-around-through-slow-cars moves.

The driver was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Which is bad. Terrifyingly bad. But he made his own decision and that’s fine. He had what I assumed to be his daughter on the back. By the look of her, probably a 12-year-old. Also, in shorts and a t-shirt. And he looked like he was showing off a little for her entertainment. I try not to let the images invade my mind’s eye, but I still physically cringe.

These are called "Books"
These are called “Books”

I bought a very quick coffee along the way home. And then I had two very quick sandwiches at the kitchen bench. I had to catch a train into the city with Lexi for some quality nothing-to-do-with-helping-her-study time.

On the platform waiting for my train I encountered the first batch of teenagers travelling to the city. Overhearing their conversation I learned a great many things that aren’t fit to blog, as well as the fact that apparently “selfies” are cool once more. Clearly Ellen is the modern-day trend-setter for the 18-25 crowd.

I had to wait at the next station for Lexi to get there. Luckily I had brought supplies, including my bluetooth headset, allowing me to enjoy some Dan Savage while I was waiting.

At the station, a small accident occurred on the stairs. A girl had slipped and was curled up on the stairs not getting up. Her friend looked concerned for her, then concerned for the time, then distraught at missing the opening act for the music festival that all the teens on the trains were heading for. Plans are stressful. She didn’t cope well. The toppled girl managed to stand up later and get up the stairs, presumably on her way to the hospital to get checked out.

Our Just Desserts
Our Just Desserts

Along the way to the city we encountered a batch of bogans that seemed to spend most of their time in between carriages to smoke. Three-four of them. Crammed into a tiny space outside between moving carriages. It’s a miracle nothing went wrong. They also were very obsessed with selfies.

Once we got to Central the party girl of that group was trying to entice Lexi and myself to come along to the music festival. She was Thai. She didn’t speak much English. She acted very drunk, regardless of whether she was or not. We tried to politely decline, and she wasn’t taking the hint. Luckily Bogan-Mum stepped in and helped us out there.

The first main feature of our trip was a visit to Kinokuniya in the city. It is a store containing many “Books” which are bound bundles of paper that contain words that form coherent stories when read in sequential order.

My Acquisition
My Acquisition

I was more interested in having a browse in the comics section. I had never partaken of this particular section of nerd-dom before, but I am enjoying The Walking Dead, and I have heard many good things about the comics on the Nerdist podcast. And I decided I wanted to dive in.

I walked out with compendium one and two, which cover a good chunk of the available issues. I haven’t opened them yet. I intend to shortly as a reward for finishing this post.

Next, Lexi led me down Pitt Street to go to Westfields. I wasn’t sure where exactly we were going, and I was no more enlightened when she led me onto the longest escalator I had ever seen. It was the express escalator directly to level 5 of the centre.

It contains the most wondrous food court I’ve ever seen. It has no McDonalds. It has no KFC. It has mostly (only?) stores that I had never seen before. I need to go here many more times to sample more of the wares.

For “lunch” I had a chicken shish on top of a pile of vegetables. I felt slightly smug at the lack of carbs. Then we went to the pastry shop and I had a delicious “Pistachio Cake” with the worst hot chocolate I’ve had in a long time. They know their cakes. They flub their hot beverages.

I had a great day.

And now I need to have a quick outside-shower (don’t ask), and then I shall open Compendium One and have a look at what’s inside.

Day 180 – Adventures of Lobster-Boy

I bet everyone is getting really sick of hearing about Wet’n’Wild by now. Today was mostly about the park though; my leave has just started and my friends’ leave is just about to end, so this was the last day of overlap where we could just not care.

I applied my 50+ sunscreen in the morning, which is supposed to last 4 hours with water-resistance. And I re-applied it about halfway through my 7 hour visit. Clearly these things do not work according to the label… at least not for me.

For some reason Holly came out only slightly pink on her chest where she apparently always burns, and Steven was lathered up ghost-like with a complete-sun-block.

I was not as lucky…

My Back is a Little Pink
My Back is a Little Pink

Abbey and Lexi have banned me from the outside world tomorrow, so I guess that’s a good way to make some progress on my other goals for the holidays. *sheepish look* They relished applying the icy-cold Aloe Vera gel over the top of my burns, and I really don’t feel like I have a right to complain about the shiver-inducing effect.

I think I’m due for re-application, but this post takes precedence. Or at least that’s my excuse.

I’ll see how it develops, because I now still have a massage booked for 9am tomorrow, but whether or not that is a good idea is debatable at this stage. But maybe more applications will bring the pink down another degree.

Probably wishful thinking.

A Very Silly Boy
A Very Silly Boy (with Raccoon Eyes)

It doesn’t feel as painful from the inside as it looks from the outside. I can assure you, because it looks painful to me too when I look at these pictures.

Hopefully I can avoid peeling too badly.
But even that’d be just desserts at this stage.

Link Triage – Interesting & Fun

I had a lot more links than I realised. Less so now, but still.

My general feed-reader workflow (I use feedly) is to first skim my feed quickly for the headlines, book-marking whatever looks worth reading further than the headline. Then I go through a second pass where I only read the bookmarked items.

And then they stay bookmarked forever.

I have to see if I can build a workflow that puts things that were actually interesting after I read them into a third bucket so that all uninteresting links can disappear forever as I go along. Mainly so I don’t have to do this exercise ever again.

In the mean time, here are some of the “Interesting & Fun” links I came across in my triage. I have a few more buckets that I’ll throw into separate posts.