Day 37 – FoM

Today I received one more late birthday present. It has apparently taken a slow trip by mail, and unfortunately it has turned up too late for me to make a booking over the long weekend I have created for myself because that would have suited so well.

I got a voucher for Face of Man which, as the image can attest to, is a “Grooming Lounge”, which makes it sound a little like I’m getting sent to get my coat shampooed and blow-dried. Actually, that’s really not too far from the truth, is it?

A Beautifully Designed Menu
A Beautifully Designed Menu

It came with a booklet which can only be described as a very glossy menu for the available services. Seen above is the page related to massage packages:

The Art of Escape

Leave your worries at the door…

Firstly, a Steam/Infra-red Sauna followed by a 50 minute Massage using warm scented oil and hot towels, then drift into a Regenerate Facial (50mins) to address your skin needs and let the full benefits of the massage take effect.
You’ll feel like you’re returning from holidays.

The design of the brochure has a very retro style about it and frankly looks quite classy. If I squint I can ignore the slightly odd use of capitalisation and inconsistent labelling of durations. Heck, who cares about the words anyway… it’s essentially license to lie about and do nothing for a couple of hours.

And the brochure makes for a great memento.