Day 293 – Quest For Time

73 – 100 Tips to Manage Your Time Better

I am slowly reaching a startling conclusion.

After looking at many lists of 100 items on the internet.
The suspicion is dawning on me.

That some of these lists…

…might be written by amateurs with very little application of thought.

I was hoping to discover the secret to more efficient time management, handed down the ages by an unbroken line of Tibetan monks. I didn’t need to read past item “1. Value your time” to realise I had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Some days… nay weeks… it feels like there is just not enough time to climb the mountainous demand on it. It feels like the tasks pile up faster than I can ever hope to finish them. And I just need some kind of system to triage the list down to manageable proportions. Ah, screw it; I just want a Silver Bullet already. Anyone got one?

I suspect I really should give GTD a really good work-out. I am using a cobbled-together variant that has been serving me well, but I think I need a stronger dose of the undiluted stuff. I have many many bookmarks on relevant pages, apps and tools. I just need to read them.

I just need to find some more time to learn how to find some more time.
It feels very ironic.